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Easter Island Sketchbook by Susan Sternau, front coverEaster Island Sketchbook
An Artist’s Journey to the Mysterious Land of Giant Stone Statues
by Susan A. Sternau

Easter Island Sketchbook is the trip of a lifetime seen through an artist’s eyes. Over 65 watercolor and ink paintings bring to life a remote and magical place that few people have the opportunity to visit. Discover the personalities hidden in the faces of the moai, the almost 900 multi-ton stone statues that line the coast or rest half-buried in an inland quarry. View dramatic landscapes, volcanic craters, wild horses, rocky shorelines, and sacred sites and ruins, presented in a stunning visual narrative that is both personal and universal.

96 PAGES $29.95 LIST
ISBN 978-0-9898455-8-8


Some of the original watercolors from Easter Island Sketchbook are still available for purchase. Ask about your favorites today.

“A great opportunity to venture vicariously to one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world.”

–Norm Goldman, Bookpleasures.com

“Breathtaking watercolor paintings…an especially wonderful gift for armchair travelers.”

–Midwest Book Review

“A series of finely wrought watercolor and ink paintings … the product of keen observation and reflection—a record of travels through a vibrant, mystifying landscape.”

–Publishers Weekly

“The book is fantastic! I enjoyed it so much.”

–Stephanie Roberts

“Ms. Sternau has the eye of an artist, and her sketches capture the spirit of this fascinating and mysterious place.”

–Dr. Kathleen Cohen, Professor Emerita of Art History, San Jose State University

 “Throughout history artists have documented their experiences of travel. Susan Sternau fits within this historical context in her new Easter Island Sketchbook … It is a joy to read.”

–Gary Bukovnik, artist

 “This astounding book with Sternau’s wonderful watercolor seascapes and sunsets; her strange creatures: half magic, half prehistoric, delight and puzzle.”

–Kate Millett, artist and author

 “As a travel professional, I have referred many clients interested in travel to Chile to the link for Easter Island Sketchbook.  I have found that for many it has been one of the key deciding factors in choosing a tour to this destination.  Clients have been thrilled when receiving their final documents to find that I have included a copy of Easter Island Sketchbook as an added value to their upcoming trip.”

–Teri Goldstein, travel expert and owner of Travels with Teri

 “The introduction to your book was perfect. Factual and to the point without the usual fluff that so many writers like to attach to this special place.”

–Thomas A. Christopher, Board of Directors, Easter Island Foundation,http://islandheritage.org/wordpress/

“More vivid than any travel guide … brilliantly conveys the majesty and isolation of Easter Island … the book would be a great addition to any library.”

–Abbot Chambers, Sausalito City Librarian

“I stepped into the watercolors and looked around with the amazement of a child. I recommend this book to everyone who has ever experienced an eye-opener through art.”

–Barbara Rush, Rush Consulting, rushconsulting.com