Easter Island Sketchbook at Book Passage

Susan Sternau with Jeff Battis at Book Passage by the bay

Discovering a New Bookstore

This spring Sausalito welcomed a beautiful new bookstore, Book Passage By-the-Bay. It is located at 100 Bay Street at the entrance to the Sausalito Yacht Harbor boardwalk. The store is light, spacious, and filled with wonderful books. Also a social center and destination, the store has been hosting many author events.

Book Passage by the Bay, Sausalito
Book Passage By-the-Bay, Sausalito

Meeting the Store Manager

At the July Business Exchange Forum meeting of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce at Studio 333, I had the pleasure of meeting the bookstore’s dynamic manager, Jeff Battis. Jeff comes to Book Passage with many years’ experience in bookselling from City Lights in San Francisco. When Jeff heard that I had written and illustrated a book on Easter Island he was very excited. He has always been fascinated with the island’s history and mystique. Jeff snapped up five copies of Easter Island Sketchbook: An Artist’s Journey to the Mysterious Land of Giant Stone Statues . It is now beautifully displayed in the Art and Photography section, second shelf from the top, right next to the Travel section.Book Passage by the BayEaster Island Sketchbook on Display at Book Passage by the bay

Creating a Display

Jeff Battis asked me to make a sign for display with my book so that people would know the book is by a local author. I was happy to oblige and he was pleased with the result.Book Passage by the Bay, Display Card Jeff Battis is also a collage and mixed media artist inspired by the Dadaists, especially Max Ernst, so he definitely has an eye for these things. In fact, Easter Island Sketchbook is displayed on a shelf next to Making the Cut, vol. 1, The World’s Best Collage Artists, that includes some of his collage art.

Susan Sternau with Jeff Battis at Book Passage by the bay
Susan Sternau with Jeff Battis at Book Passage By-the-Bay

Welcoming Book Passage to Sausalito

Sausalito is excited to have Book Passage as part of our community. It is wonderful to have a local bookstore again. There are so many authors and artists here in our town, and lots of appreciation for the written word. From the moment the magical gingerbread book appeared in their display window last December, I was looking forward to the store opening. If you haven’t been there yet, I encourage you to stop by, check it out, and help it thrive. You can sign up for an email or paper newsletter with all the Book Passage store events, including events at the Ferry Building in San Francisco and in Corte Madera.

Holiday Window at Book Passage By the Bay
Holiday Window at Book Passage By-the-Bay
Gingerbread Book at Book Passage by the Bay
Gingerbread Book at Book Passage By-the-Bay

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