Art Thoughts

Mosaics in Sausalito: Past, Present and Future

Varda Mosaics

Sausalito has a reputation as an arty town. And though you don’t necessarily think of mosaics when you think of art, but there are some mosaic treasures to be found here now, and more are on the way. Mosaics are Magic I’ve always had a soft spot for mosaics. Maybe that’s because when I was […]

Sausalito’s Holiday Gingerbread House Tour

Sausalito Stationery, Gingerbread Town

Perfect Viewing for Gingerbread The weather has been perfect this year for touring Sausalito’s new collection of gingerbread houses. A succession of mild sunny days has made it a delight to view the 11th Annual Sausalito Gingerbread House Competition and Tour (sponsored by the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce). I never quite make it to all […]

Holiday Art Show and Wildfire Relief

Wine Country Cat 1 oil painting by Susan Sternau

Please join us for a Holiday Art Show celebrating the beauty of Wine Country and the resilience of our communities When: Saturday & Sunday, December 2nd and 3rd  from 1 pm to 5 pm. Where: The Sausalito Art Studio at 403-A Napa Street. Enter at the corner of Caledonia and Napa Street in Sausalito. Ten […]

VanBo: Sausalito Artist and Musician

VanBo, photo from Facebook page

On June 19, 2017, Sausalito lost one of its most visible artists. Robert Conley Jr., aka VanBo, was a fixture in the community for the 16 years that I’ve lived here. Becoming a Painter Around 2004 VanBo was  a musician playing at local parties around town. Then he got interested in becoming a painter. Soon […]

My Summer of Love Experience

Light Show, Summer of Love Exhibit

New York  in the Summer of Love I was only nine years old and living in New York City during San Francisco’s Summer of Love. What filtered through to me was the wildness and freedom of the 1960s. Central Park in New York during the sixties was a frequent destination for my family. Suddenly the […]

Easter Island Sketchbook at Book Passage

Susan Sternau with Jeff Battis at Book Passage by the bay

Discovering a New Bookstore This spring Sausalito welcomed a beautiful new bookstore, Book Passage By-the-Bay. It is located at 100 Bay Street at the entrance to the Sausalito Yacht Harbor boardwalk. The store is light, spacious, and filled with wonderful books. Also a social center and destination, the store has been hosting many author events. […]

Ancient Animals from the Age of Empires

amazing animals of Chinese art

I just saw the most amazing exhibit of ancient Chinese art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties,  includes a stunning display of ancient animals, people, and even model houses made of earthenware that were recovered from royal tombs in Western […]

Next Sausalito Art Walk: Wednesday September 13th

September 13 ART WALK event sat Susan Sternau Studios

Please join us at Susan Sternau Studios for the next Sausalito Art Walk on Wednesday, September 13th from 4 to 8 pm. You are invited to discover one of Sausalito’s hidden gems and enjoy local art and refreshments in a garden setting.   Continue to browse art and sample treats at a dozen local businesses […]

Cool Carvings in Sausalito

ool carvings, Sybrian's Sausalito Sea Lion, Susan Sternau photo

One of my favorite cool carvings in Sausalito is one I see almost every day. It is the Miner Forty-Niner panning for gold outside our local hardware store, Waterstreet Hardware,  at the corner of Caledonia and Litho Streets. Albert, who has worked at Waterstreet since 1964, told me that Barney West carved the Miner. Barney […]

Floating Art Colony of Sausalito

Ferry Vallejo Houseboat, floating art colony

Where is the floating art colony of Sausalito? With its almost three miles of waterfront on Richardson Bay, Sausalito has been always been a great place to anchor a boat. This little town has a history as a safe harbor for ships restocking water and supplies. More recently, it has welcomed a number of retired […]