Monthly Archives: March 2016

Stain Painting Surprise

Stain Painting Demo 1

Stain Painting Project This stain painting art project encourages freedom and experimentation with color and brush-work for all ages. Results can be surprising and unexpectedly pleasing. The Acrylic Flow Release mixture can be irritating to skin and eyes, though, so caution should be used. I wear gloves when brushing the mixture on the canvas and […]

Collage Magic

Butterfly Collage Demo

Collage with Colored Tissue Paper and Black Marker An art project using art tissue paper where the dark lines of the marker magically show through the transparent tissue paper of the collage. There’s even more magic because when the colored tissues are layered and over-lapped they make new colors. This is a great project for […]

Mono-prints are Easy

Student Mono-print, Summer

Mono-print Paint Project A mono-print is a print that is produced once, not in multiples. This method can be addictive and fun. It encourages experimentation and can yield great results quickly. This is a good project for all ages. If you are using acrylic paints, not tempera, encourage students to paint quickly so the paint […]